I can help you in the following areas :

Technology Consulting

Develop custom software, plan technology infrastructure, perform risk assessments, manage company IT tools, advise on modern IT practices and tools, research competitor IT tools, handle project management duties, perform repairs and provide maintenance support

Data Science

Deliver value to my clients by helping them develop the best data-driven solutions. Conduct complex statistical analysis in programming languages such as SAS, R and Python.

Business Intelligence

Certified SAS programmer with more than 14 years experience in SAS consulting. I have expertise building data pipelines, data warehouse, data marts, building reports, administering / installing the platform. I used SAS in asset management, banking, insurance and marketing.


Move to a digital business. Adapt old business models to new technologies and embraces digital technology’s potential to collect data, identify patterns, and make smarter business decisions.


Help CTOs create a common process, language and tools for innovation, make them permanent with written innovation doctrine and policy

Identify, evaluate and prioritize ideas for new business opportunities based on market drivers and the team’s strengths, weaknesses, and capabilities.

Ideation and brainstorming to explore new ways to create, deliver, and capture consumer and business value, define new revenue streams, and identify potential attractive business models.

A quick, intensive, highly structured innovation cycle in which cross-functional teams explore solutions and develop concepts that address clearly defined inefficiencies and business paint points

Validating riskiest assumptions of your new venture and building hypotheses to test and prove your business ideas before you make heavy investments in time, money, or resources.


Youssef worked with us on disruptive projects at APG Asset Management to identify, design and prototype new ideas. He has a strong entrepreneurial mindset and expertise in technology and different innovation frameworks and tools. His ability to focus on user needs helped us to focus on value and build effective solutions. I can highly recommend Youssef and it would be a pleasure to work with him again.

Dr. Eran Raviv – Expert Researcher at APG

Let’s build something great together.